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We are pleased to publish our second film of our film series in the context of our 50th anniversary about one of our core values: PRECISION.

Surgical interventions in precisionelectrosurgery require enhanced precision in the OR. This precision is also reflected in the manufacturing of our products. Our innovative instruments, such as the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps are individually assembled by hand, partly under a microscope. In this way, we ensure that each instrument is suitable for the precise use by the surgeon and achieves the best possible results for the patient. Our impedance-controlled CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency generator enables the finest incisions and hemostasis with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. 

Find out more about the precision in the OR achieved by our products and the precise manufacturing process at Sutter.



This film was created in cooperation with Isensee Film GmbH and shy collective. You can look forward to further insights into our company and our values – coming soon!

Precision is one of our 5 core values that has driven us since our foundation in 1970. Learn more about our corporate values in our philosophy.


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