- Company - 50 Years of Sutter

50 Years of Sutter - 50 Years of Precision Electrosurgery

Innovation, precision and quality made in Germany are core values that have driven Sutter since its foundation in 1970.


Today, 50 years later, with its global network of international sales partners and offices in the USA and Asia, Sutter is one of the market leaders for radiofrequency systems and non-stick bipolar forceps for precision electrosurgery. 

Every day we develop, produce and distribute innovative products that meet the needs of surgeons around the world – always with the highest quality and precision. With our products, we offer optimal solutions for a wide range of applications in ENT, microsurgery and neurosurgery – improving and preserving lives worldwide. 


50 years of precision electrosurgery. 50 years of pursuing excellence in quality, innovation and the improvement of lives. We thank all our valued customers for being with us during those exciting years. There is still a lot ahead. Thank you! 

Bert Sutter, CEO

Celebrate with us! 


Just in time for our 50th anniversary, big changes are about to come, above all our company’s move to Emmendingen in 2021. In addition, our anniversary year will be marked by our five values that have shaped us until today: Quality made in Germany, Precision, Innovation, Customer Focus and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Join us on our journey through our company history, take a look behind the scenes of Sutter and find out all the news about our move to Emmendingen 2021 on our blog and on our social media channels Facebook and LinkedIn