Sutter USA attended AANS 2023 in Los Angeles

Bereits zum wiederholten Male wurde Sutter Medizintechnik mit dem Mittelstandspreis SOZIAL ENGAGIERT ausgezeichnet. Erhalten haben wir diese Auszeichnung von der Caritas, der Diakonie und dem Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus Baden-Württemberg für unser gesellschaftliches Engagement, das über den eigentlichen Berufsalltag hinausgeht.


New video: "Endoscopic glomus tympanicum excision using Calvian endo-pen®" performed by Brandon Isaacson, M.D.

The minimally invasive technique using Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps allows Dr. Isaacson to perform ear surgeries on adults and children through the ear canal instead of using a large incision behind the ear and makes it much easier for patients to recover from the medical procedure.


Landstuhl Regional Medical Center uses Sutter precision instruments

We are extremely proud that the ENT team of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the largest U.S. hospital outside the United States, serving U.S. military members and their families, uses Calvian endo-pen® Bipolar Forceps in combination with the impedance-controlled CURIS® 4 MHz Radiofrequency Generator.


Commitment to the region

Our new company headquarters in Emmendingen, Germany, stand for our connection with the region. When it comes to the selection of executing trades, Sutter has consciously chosen regional craftsmen. 


Visiting our new company premises: How to bring the Sutter spirit to life

Full of anticipation we see our future company building growing! Just recently we visited our construction site in Emmendingen, where our future company building is becoming more and more concrete. 


CURIS® Information Video: Discover the Versatility of the 4 MHz Radiofrequency Technology

5 cutting modes, 5 coagulation modes – and additional features. Our new video guides you through the different functions of the CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator.


Corporate Film: 50 Years of Sutter, 50 Years of Precision Electrosurgery

Precision Electrosurgery is the basis of our company for over 50 years. It guides our company's pupose to meet the needs of surgeons around the world by providing them with innovative medical devices of the highest precision and quality. Find out more in our corporate film.


Looking forward to 2021

After a challenging year 2020, we look optimistically ahead to 2021 and share a few words by our CEO Bert Sutter.


Christmas Special 2020

In this extraordinary year without christmas markets and christmas parties, we have come up with an alternative to still spread some christmas atmosphere in our company and to bring back nice and fun memories looking back at 50 years of Sutter in our anniversary magazine.


Corporate Film: Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

Numerous benefits to balance work and family life, sports activities, the support of company bikes with JobRad and over 120 child sponsorships worldwide are examples of how we create a work environment in which everyone can develop their potential – always in line with our social responsibility for people and the planet. Find out more in our latest film.