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The new CURIS® flow by Sutter is our irrigation pump for the supply of isotonic saline solution in the areas of microsurgery, neurosurgery, and ENT surgery and designed to support you. 

Efficiency at its core 

Valuable surgical time can be saved with the user-friendly Flush Button and Pause Button. Upon pressing the Flush Button, the CURIS® flow operates at its maximum flow rate, which is ideal for priming the tubing set easily and quickly during the set-up. 

The Memory Function of the CURIS® flow saves the last used flow setting and ensures consistent and accurate flow rates between different stages of a procedure or across multiple sessions. Its intuitive control empowers surgeons to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Versatile solution

The CURIS® flow irrigation pump seamlessly integrates into surgical workflows. It is compatible with various irrigation tubing sets available on the market. In summary, CURIS® flow caters to the specific demands of microsurgery while seamlessly integrating into surgical workflows. With its user-friendly design and versatile compatibility, it ensures consistent and accurate flow rates while optimizing surgical time.

Product availability is subject to regulatory approval in individual markets. Products may therefore not be available in all markets.


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