It all began with electrosurgery ...

The history of Sutter has been inextricably linked with the development of electrosurgery, especially with the bipolar technology. After 40 years of market presence, in many countries around the globe Sutter has become a leader for radiofrequency systems and bipolar accessories in electrosurgery.

We are committed to providing first-rate electrosurgery products for surgeons. High-quality is our strength. Thanks to our consistent quality policy we have had a certified quality management system since 1996.

Sutter Germany 1988
Part of Sutter Germany 2016



A short overview of the company history

1970     Hermann Sutter and Klaus Holzhauer start the company "Holzhauer und Sutter GmbH"

1972     Inauguration of the brand name "Select" for doctor's office products 

1980     Start of the development and manufacture of electrosurgical accessories

1985     The Sutter family takes over 100 % of the company shares; the company name changes to "Select Medizin-Technik Hermann Sutter GmbH"

1995     Bert Sutter joins the business 

2000     Market launch of the RaVoR™ system in Europe and Asia, based on the BM-780 II unit

2001     Market launch of Silverglide non-stick bipolar forceps

2004     Hermann Sutter turns over the executive management to Bert Sutter. Official company name changes to "SUTTER MEDIZINTECHNIK GMBH".

2007     Market launch of the microsurgical radiofrequency generator CURIS® in Europe and Asia

2009     Market launch of SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps 

2010     Extensive renovations on two of the three company buildings are completed. Energy efficiency is now by 20 percent better than required by the German standard for low energy consumption. A 24 kWp solar power station provides approx. 20,000 kWh of green electricity per year.

2013    Regulatory clearance and start of commercialization of SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps in the US

2013    Start Sutter Pacific in Hong Kong to better serve our customers in Asia-Pacific.

2015    Company growth had required the addition of 4 more buildings over the previous three years.

2016   Start Sutter USA

Today     In Europe and Asia Sutter is one of the leading brands for non-stick bipolar forceps and is a prominent brand for radiofrequency sleep surgery systems. Sutter is active worldwide and well prepared financially and technologically for further growth and to bring new ideas to our product specialities in the future.