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The right instrument for your surgical needs

The Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps product line offers precision and versatility in the operating room with a wide range of available models!

non-stick technology

Our proprietary non-stick technology was developed to reduce sticking and charring during coagulation – thanks to optimal heat transfer capabilities.


Low weight and optimal balance

Light-weight aluminum core and innovative product design featuring a dynamic curved shape that follows the natural ergonomics of the hand for improved comfort and ideal balance.





Three Product Lines

Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use



The pylon guide prevents scissoring of the tips and facilitates the precise coagulation and dissection in your surgical cases. Available with straight and angled tips. 

Available with straight and angled tips.

 Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use

Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps slim


The slim profile was designed for 
improved visualization of the surgical 
field, even in narrow operating corridors.

 Swyng® non-stick dual irrigating bipolar forceps, single-use

Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps irrigating


The dual irrigating product line
combines the Swyng® advantages 
with irrigation capability.

Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps connector


Universal connection allows for the use of standard bipolar cable and tube sets.


Further Information

For detailed information on the different models and accessories, please refer to our product catalog and the digital flyer: 

Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps single-use catalog [780 kb]

Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps single-use Flyer [298 kb]

Instructions for use:

IFU Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps single-use [7,5 MB]