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We are excited to launch our new disposable non-stick bipolar forceps product line – designed and manufactured in Germany: The Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use.

By merging high quality and innovative design, the Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps offer precision and versatility in the operating room with a wide range of available models. They come along with our proprietary non-stick technology to reduce sticking and charring during coagulation and provide an optimal balance thanks to its light-weight aluminum core and innovative product design.





The Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use, are now available in two different product lines and 16 different models – offering you the right instrument for your individual surgical needs. Find out more about the innovative features and the different models on our product page and in our Product Catalog [1,8 MB] .


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