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Welcome to Sutter Medical Technologies, expert on precision electrosurgical products.

Over 40 years of experience have led to multiple innovative breakthroughs and company growth on an international scale. Sutter has pioneered the non-stick technology and is a leader for it in many countries around the globe. Find out more about the company history.




SuperGliss® non-stick

SuperGliss® non-stick forceps' tips are micro-structured; the tips and tines are reinforced. ​All SuperGliss® non-stick instruments are re-usable and autoclavable.

Calvian endo-pen®

Bipolar Coagulation in endonasal and transnasal surgery. The Calvian endo-pen® offers a range of advantages such as tactile feedback and improved maneuverability.


The Calvian® and the Calvian® duckbill+ are instruments for hemostasis , e.g. in endonasal surgery.  

SuperGliss® non-stick Teo

The SuperGliss® non-stick Teo bipolar forceps feature various angled and even shorter tips than the conventional SuperGliss® non stick-and SuperGliss® non-stick ELP. They were designed in close cooperation with Charlie Teo, MD.