Dr. Cameron McIntosh


Dr. Cameron McIntosh is a young ENT surgeon from South Africa who visited the Sutter factory and the sales and marketing team in Freiburg at the beginning of the year.

He subsequently purchased a CURIS® radiofrequency generator with a full range of instruments and the 4RHINO for measurement of nasal airflow before and after nasal surgery in his patients.


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Dr. Cameron McIntosh set up his own private practice in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in March 2016. He is the first 4RHINO user on the African continent.
The outcomes of the 4RHINO help him explain the nasal disorders of his patients. Both, Cameron and his patients are very happy with the clearness of the measurement results.

Cameron is regularly in contact with the marketing team in Freiburg (mainly via whatsapp) with questions and feedback on his experiences with his Sutter products.

He uses the CURIS® and many of the monopolar electrodes, bipolar probes, monopolar suction tube, the ToBiTE™ and Calvian® bipolar clamp for a wide range of ENT indications in the nose, mouth, throat and larynx. Cameron is not just enthusiastic, he is very passionate about the quality of the Sutter products for ENT surgeons and the clinical outcomes.

Cameron requested to trial the ToBiTE™ for a patient needing a tonsillectomy and was thrilled to receive the instrument the next day from the local Sutter distributor in Cape Town. Dr. McIntosh treated a patient for a cyst in the epiglottis, which he resected using the monopolar microdissection electrodes. Faced with epiglottal bleeding that was concerning, he stopped the bleeding with the Calvian® Duckbill+ bipolar clamp. Afterwards he sent us a picture of the instrument saying: 

“I just saved a patient’s life with this. Epiglottic cyst removed with the CURIS® and microdissection needle and then Calvian® to coagulate bleeders. Well done!!!”


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We met Dr. McIntosh again at the International Meeting of Rhinoplasty (IMRHIS 2016) in Versailles at the beginning of September.
He told us that he is expanding his practice and that he is planning a new study with the 4RHINO in the future.

We are already looking forward to the results and to hearing further experiences in the future.


Dr. Cameron McIntosh and Marc-Aurel Bäumle (Business Unit Manager 4 Rhino).


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