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With their small tips and delicate tines, the bipolar zhora forceps offer an excellent view of the surgical area. All of our zhora models have a tip size of 0.2 x 5 mm and a 10° upward skew.

These eccentrically angled tips facilitate an unobstructed view of the tips.


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•    Optimized view thanks to small and eccentrically angled tips
•    Reinforced spring tension helps during dissection.



The SuperGliss® zhora forceps were developed for delicate surgery, such as for example microvascular applications.
The zhora have a higher spring force than other SuperGliss forceps. This reinforces the natural outward movement of the tips and may help during tissue dissection.





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For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalogue:

SuperGliss Forceps [1,9 MB]



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